dvinewrites originally launched in 2004 as a ‘for-fun’ website specifically geared toward wine, pairings and fun/educational party-planning tips.

Having graduated from University of Victoria and returned to Canada after a stint working overseas Danica Jeffery (Principal) found herself on a quest to meld a longstanding interest in wine and penchant for creative writing with a desire to share her bottle-knowledge with post-grad friends who kept asking for advice on what to drink…beyond Baby Duck and Black Tower.

Ultimately dvinewrites helped land Danica a career working in sales and marketing in the wine industry (where she worked for major international producers and nabbed her level two sommelier).

It was during this five-year stretch that Danica reimagined dvinewrites communications and landed her first clutch of PR clients needing assistance with restaurant openings, brand launches, media relations and events execution.

First rendition of dvinewrites…